Resources for Disabled Parents

The Disabled Parenting Project

The Disabled Parenting Project's logo, three green circles that suggest a parent holding a child

Autistic Spectrum Parenting  

Autistic Spectrum Parenting's logo, with a rainbow colored brain outline

Disabled Parents Rights

Disabled Parents Rights logo. A pair of purple hands hold three stick figures, 2 adults and a child.

The Mobility Resource

The National Research Center on Parents with Disabilities

logo for the National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities. The logo is dark green with a white circle. Inside the white circle is a dark green semi-circle.

Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass logo, a light purple circle surrounding the outline of 2 adults hugging and holding a child in their arms. The child's arms and legs are wrapped around one of the adults. The other adult hugs them both.

Parenting with a Disability: Know Your Rights Toolkit

Rocking the Cradle: Ensuring the Rights of Parents with Disabilities and Their Children,  a report by Robyn Powell and the National Council on Disability

General Resources

Autism Women’s Network, an advocacy group for and by Autistic women, femmes and people of marginalized genders

The Harriet Tubman Collective,  a Collective of Black Deaf & Black Disabled organizers, community builders, activists, dreamers, lovers striving for radical inclusion and collective liberation. Heather Watkins is a founding member, see the Medium channel

The Disability Visibility Project, an online community dedicated to recording, amplifying and sharing disability media and culture

Ramp Your Voice, a self-advocacy and empowerment movement run by Vilissa Thompson

Divas with Disabilities, a project empowering women of color who have disabilities (co-founded by Heather Watkins)

The Law Office of Shain M. Neumeier, a law practice focused on protecting the autonomy and preventing the abuse of youth, people with disabilities, and transgender people  music and media featuring disabled artists

Krip-Hop Nation,  music and media featuring disabled artists

Sins Invalid, performance and arts focused on celebrating disability and making it visible

Disability Primer, a compilation of resources by Lydia Brown of Autistic Hoya

Slow Walkers See More, blog by Heather Watkins with information, community building and activism