Urban Agriculture in Boston




What is urban agriculture? It’s the creative cultivation of urban spaces for traditionally rural farm activites like growing food, raising animals, even fish farming and aquaculture! It’s composting, bee-keeping, hen raising, and of course growing grains, fruits, and vegetables to eat. It can happen in your backyard garden, or in an open community space like Boston Common in the 1800’s.

Today’s urban agriculture happens in soil on the ground, in raised beds on rooftops, and in hydroponic greenhouses all year round. But urban agriculture is about more than just producing food, it’s also about building community, boosting the economy, improving health and food quality, and forging a stronger connection to the land. There’s something special about the activity of cultivating the land and watching something grow. When we eat something we grow on our own land we feel more connected. It’s part of the way we’re wired. Human beings have been cultivating the land around us for thousands of years!

Urban agriculture has the potential to drastically reshape not only the modern urban landscape, but also the modern urban food supply.



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